I'm a French performer, concept designer and instructor based in Berlin.

Between 1986 and 1990, I was trained in body and gestural theater (mime, body language, mask, theatrical acting, improvisation, african dance, clown), also pursuing trainings in circus arts at Fratellini Circus school as well as martial arts including Tai Ji Chuan, Kung Fu, Hsing I Chuan from various Chinese and French masters. I worked 12 years with the TSP/Cie Les Mimobiles (Paris) before leaving for Germany in 1998.
In Berlin, I approached the world of contemporary and contact dance, and was interested in the principles of butoh dance.

Since April 2013, I'm collaborating with Ilana Reynolds on several projects: Liegen 0°, 16mins53 and upcoming ones.
In 2009 I founded, with Peter Müller, the group reset dance | connection.
In 1999, I founded the group EXTIMO, which gathers artists from various art fields (dancers, mimes, media artists, musicians) to produce performances and develop projects for festivals (open air and dance) and business/cultural events.

All my creations have a jointly and unique theme, the body.
Abandoning the notion of theater and spectacle, I see my work as a proposal-oriented body installations and performances.
This radical choice has led me to specifically focus on the perception of time within the frame of a performance to generate a singular space where personal experience can happen.
Therefore, nearly each of my projects are like tools between the spectator and his inner process (whatever intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual it could be).

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Liegen 0°

I'm currently working on the following projects:

Liegen 0°, premiered this year on three festivals.
, new solo premiered at Lake Studios Berlin.
Scratch, a new duo in development.